Britain and Cambridge’s Premier Summer School For Intelligent
High School Students From North America, The UK And World Wide

  • Why Should You Apply For The

    Cambridge Scholars' Programme?

    Because it's the most enriching way for you to spend your summer

    - combining fantastic educational opportunities in the classroom 

    - with the best cultural opportunities on our extensive trips

    - and being a huge amount of fun!

  • It's a rare opportunity for you to live in Cambridge college accommodation to help prepare you for the independence of university life

    Our Cambridge summer school will let you stay in Cambridge accommodation
  • University of Cambridge

    University of Oxford

    Harvard University

     Yale  University

    Princeton University


    Stanford University

    It's a unique opportunity to meet incredible people

     from all of the world's most prestigious universities

    (Working in a private capacity


    rather than for their university.)

    Our Cambridge summer school will let you meet students from prestigious universities
  • You will learn from a wide variety of interesting subjects taught by passionate educators to help prepare you for university education

    Cambridge summer school classes
  • You will learn about British history and culture

    with the most comprehensive trips around Britain

    Visit castles, palaces, museums, cathedrals and more!

    Our Cambridge summer school will let you explore Britain
  • You can optionally explore Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world - visiting its most famous sites while staying near the Eiffel Tower.

    Our Cambridge summer school will optionally let you explore Paris
  • We arrange lots of activities to ensure that you quickly make new friends from around the world - and have lots of fun!

    Our Cambridge summer school will help you make friends from around the world
  • We'll be at London Heathrow Airport to meet students who will be flying in...

    ...while our North American students may optionally fly in small group flights from

    Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, accompanied by an adult staff member.

    Our Cambridge summer school will meet you at Heathrow Airport
  • Our Cambridge summer school applications are open but limited!

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CSP has been the greatest experience of my life. Every day was something new, unique, intriguing, and incredible. The trip to Paris has been equally if not more incredible than Cambridge. The rich history and culture is priceless and every excursion we take is worth the entire trip!

Lucas D.
La Canada H.S., CA; Attended CSP 2013 and 2014

Many thanks for a memorable experience at Cambridge! They were definitely three of the best weeks of my life. The experiences I had as a member of the programme were uniformly fantastic. The courses were great. The organized activities were fun. And the trips were enriching.

Eric M.
Phillips Academy, Massachusetts; Attended CSP 2012

Why You Will Benefit More From Our Unrivaled Academics

  • Wide Range and Flexibility

    We let you pick and choose your courses from our wide selection, so that you can try a range of subjects tailored to your interests.

  • Passionate Professors

    Unlike many summer schools that save costs by hiring inexperienced graduate students to teach, we only hire the best teaching staff.

  • Prepare For College

    Our courses help to bridge the gap between school and university, teaching transferable skills and pushing your academic horizons.

Option OneOption TwoOption Three
Option OneOption TwoOption Three
Computer Science: An Introduction to Website DesignAbnormal PsychologyBiomedical Ethics
Criminal & Forensic PsychologyBusiness: Founding and Building CompaniesBusiness Psychology
DebateDramaChemistry of Reactions and Molecules
EconomicsEssay WritingCriminal & Forensic Psychology
Essay WritingInternational RelationsCosmology
Marine BiologyJournalismEngineering: Build A Robot
Medicine: Introduction to Pathology and DiseaseLaw: Mock Criminal TrialEnglish Literary Villains
Musical TheatreMedicine: Human Anatomy and PhysiologyEvolutionary Biology
PhilosophyMedieval HistoryLaw: An Introduction to Legal Systems
PoliticsMind GamesMind Games
SuperstringsThe Quantum UniverseScriptwriting
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Why You Will Benefit More From Our Unrivaled Trips

  • Comprehensive Tour of Britain

    You’ll have plenty of photo opportunities on our comprehensive trips around Britain. These are more extensive than most British summer schools so that you can visit and go inside all the most important sites in the country.

  • Great Experiences To Quickly Make Friends

    We start on a Thursday so that we can run a few trips before classes begin, ensuring that you make friends over shared experiences.

  • Visit Paris To Make The Most Of Your Trip

    Paris is one of the greatest, most beautiful cities in the world. Explore its main sites on our Paris trip, spend more time with your new friends and make the most of your adventure in Europe!

Here Are Some Of The Places You Could Visit…

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There is simply no other program as complete as the Cambridge Scholars’ Programme. It’s extremely fun, but also intellectually stimulating. It has the perfect balance of classes, free time, extracurriculars, and travel. The tutors are all brilliant, and the deputy directors are so friendly and fun to be around.  I benefited from the trips by becoming more culturally enriched. I saw the Rosetta Stone, Stonehenge, the Roman Baths, toured Parliament, went to a play at the West End, and so much more.

Carlie E.
Deerfield Academy; Attended CSP 2012

Judging from my friend’s feedback who attended another programme, the classes here are a lot more enriching, and no other programme can compare with our trips because we just go to so many places, even without including Paris. I’ve learnt a tonne from the courses and trips, and been exposed to a whole new style of living. Yes I would recommend it because the courses and the trips are a lot better than what’s on offer from other summer schools. It was my first summer school, and it couldn’t have been better!

Jerrell O.
Nexus International School, Malaysia; CSP 2014

Why You Will Benefit More From Our Activities

  • Activities Designed To Help You Quickly Make Friends

    The earlier activities are designed to quickly help you make new friends. Most students arrive not knowing anyone else, but by the end you will be sad to leave your fantastic new friends.

  • Have Lots Of Fun

    We offer a wide range of activities – across sports, music, and drama – to ensure that you will have an incredible time. In the afternoon you could learn to row, rehearse for our Battle of the Bands or a Shakespeare play, or do community service, while in the evening there will be sports, parties, a casino night, cinema trip, Graduation Ball and more!

  • Develop Your Confidence

    Being put into new situations is daunting, but there is a friendly atmosphere and you will develop your confidence experiencing new things in a safe environment – helping to prepare you for the beginning of your college life.

Afternoon Activities (maximum one)Evening ActivitiesSunday Activities (optional)
Afternoon Activities (maximum one)Evening ActivitiesSunday Activities (optional)
Battle of the BandsActivities to get to know people:
- Icebreaker Party
- Speed Meeting
- Scottish country dancing
- Casino and Games Night
Free time in the morning for Church
Community ServicePhysical Activities:
- Sports Day
- Sports Tournament
- Punting on the River Cam
- Practice Interviews for Cambridge
- SAT / ACT Prep
- Calculus Prep
Rowing ($300 additional fee because of boat hire)Parties:
- Silent Disco
- Private Rave in a Nightclub
- Graduation Ball
- Final Night Party on a Thames Cruise
- Explore Cambridge Photography Class
- Casual sports
- Trip to Sports Centre for swimming or gym (additional fee payable direct to the Sports Centre)
Shakespeare PlayOthers:
- Beach games and barbeque (weather dependent)
- Cinema Trip
- Medieval Banquet
- Cambridge and HYPMS Application Workshop
- Performance of the Shakespeare Play, Battle of the Bands and Talent Show
Free time for rehearsal practice:
- Shakespeare Play
- Battle of the Bands
- Talent Show
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Like most people I didn’t know anyone going but this was fine - everyone was so friendly and the early activities and trips ensured we quickly bonded. I have made many fantastic friends across the world that I will definitely keep in contact with in the future.

Mirco F.
Johanneum Gymnasium Homburg, Germany; Attended CSP 2013

I  truly had the best summer of my life! I changed this summer: I got a lot more confident, I have grown so much through this experience and I feel a lot more mature. I’ve gained so many great new friends that I still keep in touch with and I’ll visit them all someday. I would recommend CSP to all my friends!

Jane H.
Liceo Artistico, Switzerland; Attended CSP 2013

How We Will Keep You Safe

  • Getting To Cambridge

    Staff will be at London Heathrow Airport to meet all students flying in on arrivals day, with complimentary transport being provided to Cambridge on our luxury private bus. Staff and students wear particular clothing and photos are provided to help each identify the other. There will be optional group flights from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, each with a staff member on board.

  • General Rules

    Male and female students live in gender-segregated accommodation at the University of Cambridge. Students are not allowed to visit bedrooms of the opposite gender – but there are common rooms for mingling. Staff members live on site, on a staircase with students of their gender. We have a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and drugs.  After dinner there is a curfew and students must be signed in with staff on an evening activity.

  • Staff Members On Duty 24/7

    The senior staff have a combined 31 years experience attending and running summer schools in Cambridge. The senior staff lead all trips and the Mentors. Students are expected to stay with their Mentors at all times on trips unless in a definite safe environment. Multiple phone numbers are provided in case of an emergency.

CSP is such an amazing programme  -  I am so glad I took this opportunity.  I was really scared that I wouldn’t make friends or have a good time, but as soon as I arrived I realized that I was wrong and had nothing to worry about.  I met the most wonderful group of people and made so many friends from all over the world. The staff organized everything    so well.   I could see how much effort was put into this programme and it definitely paid off. Every day in Cambridge was a blessing. I became a lot more confident, organized, and mature. The classes helped to enrich my knowledge. Enrolling in CSP was the best decision of my life.

Anastasia B.,
Israel; Attended CSP 2013 and 2014

My parents were worried about sending me alone to a foreign country, but were calmed when they learned that you would be meeting us at the airport. If anything, my parents were slightly annoyed by CSP when I returned home because that’s all I would talk about! But really, they appreciated the programme for educating me, keeping me safe, and providing me with lifelong friendships and memories. I would wholeheartedly recommend CSP to friends (in fact, I already have). Not only did I get to see tons of beautiful landmarks, works of arts, and monuments, but I also made incredible friendships.

Kai K.
Phillips Academy, Massachusetts; Attended CSP 2012

If You Are An Intelligent High School
Student, Here’s Why You Should Apply For
The Cambridge Scholars’ Programme 2015

  • Unrivaled Academic Enrichment

    Our wide, flexible variety of courses taught by passionate professors will help to prepare you for university education.

  • Unrivaled Cultural Enrichment

    Our extensive trips will give you a comprehensive experience of British (and optionally French) culture and history.

  • Unrivaled Social Enrichment

    You will quickly make fantastic new friends from around the world, gain confidence, and be better prepared to start university life.

What Will Happen Next?

  • 1


    We need some extra information from you, your course options, and your school details.

  • 2

    School Reference

    We will check with your school referee that your grades are correct and ask for a brief recommendation for you.

  • 3


    Once your school referee has completed our form, we will let you know the decision within one week - hopefully acceptance to the Cambridge Scholars’ Programme! If so:

  • 4


    Your parents pay the tuition to let us invest it in you.

  • 5


    You will have the experience of a lifetime at Cambridge!

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