Cambridge Summer School for High School Students

The Cambridge Scholars' Programme helps intelligent high school students pursue their passions, prepare for university, explore Britain , build their confidence and have lots of fun making friends from around the world.

One Week: Sunday, July 14th - Sunday, July 21st 2024
Two Week: Sunday, July 21st - Sunday, August 4th 2024

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Why should intelligent high school students apply for our Cambridge summer school?

Our mission is to help intelligent high school students aged 14-18 reach their full potential and prepare for their amazing futures. We help you achieve more through:

Outstanding Education

Learn from a wide variety of interesting subjects going beyond the school syllabus to help prepare you for university learning. Pick and mix from our diverse course list to pursue your passion or try out different subjects to find your favourite.

University Preparation

Live and study in a beautiful Cambridge college to help you prepare for the indepedence of university life. Practice making new friends, gain experience living away from home, and be inspired by our historic college setting.

Cultural Trips

Learn about British history and culture on our many trips . Visit castles, palaces, museums, cathedrals and more.

Enriching Activities

Quickly make new friends and create lifelong memories. Pick enriching afternoon activities and have fun in the evenings.

Cambridge summer school student Quote

CSP has been the greatest experience of my life. Every day was something new, unique, intriguing, and incredible. The rich history and culture is priceless and every excursion we take is worth the entire trip!

Lucas D.
La Canada H.S., CA
Cambridge summer school student Quote

Many thanks for a memorable experience at Cambridge! They were definitely three of the best weeks of my life. The experiences I had as a member of the programme were uniformly fantastic. The courses were great. The organized activities were fun. And the trips were enriching.

Phillips Academy, MA

Why You Will Benefit More From Our Unrivaled Academics

Wide Range and Flexibility

We let you pick and choose your courses from our wide selection, so that you can try a range of subjects tailored to your interests.

Passionate Tutors

Unlike many summer schools that save costs by hiring inexperienced students to teach, we only hire the best teaching staff.

Prepare For College

Our courses help to bridge the gap between school and university, teaching transferable skills and pushing your academic horizons.

Our full course offering during our two week session is as follows:

Option One Option Two Option Three Option Four
Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time
Business Psychology Cosmology English Literature Computer Science
Cambridge Thinking Criminal & Forensic Psychology International Relations, Politics & Leadership Criminal & Forensic Psychology
Chemistry Drama Journalism Debate
Engineering Economics & Finance Law Essay Writing
International Relations, Politics & Leadership Essay Writing Mind Games Law
Scriptwriting Mind Games Superstrings The Quantum Universe
9:00 am - 10:30 am 10:40 am - 12:10 pm 1:50 pm - 3:20 pm 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

The classes generally encouraged me to think independently and present my own ideas to the group, and increased my confidence. The classes were far more engaging than typical school classes - the tutors wanted to focus on what interested us about the subject rather than being dictated by a curriculum like in school. My parents were overwhelmed with (and I think jealous of) my experiences - they got something better back than they sent away!

- Now at the University of Oxford

Cambridge summer school student

Personally, I was worried about the classes and whether or not I would be able to keep up, as I wasn’t sure what they would be like and how different they would be from what I was used to. In the end, everything turned out to be fantastic. The tutors were patient and they were always willing to help. I have gained confidence and determination. I have been inspired and motivated even further to do well in school and in life. This was, by far, the best summer of my life.

, - Walnut High School, California

Cambridge summer school student

Why You Will Benefit More From Our Unrivaled Trips

Comprehensive Tour of Britain

You’ll have plenty of photo opportunities on our comprehensive trips around Britain.

Great Experiences To Quickly Make Friends

We have a trip before classes begin, ensuring that you make friends over shared experiences.

Here are some of the places you could visit...

Cambridge summer school students in Oxford


Cambridge summer school students at Windosr Castle

Windsor Castle

Cambridge summer school students at Buckingham

Buckingham Palace

Cambridge summer school students at the British Museum

The British Museum

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Cambridge summer school students at the Houses of

Houses of Parliament

Cambridge summer school students on the London Eye

The London Eye

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

Cambridge summer school students by Tower Bridge

Tower of London and London Bridge

Cambridge summer school student Quote

There is simply no other program as complete as the Cambridge Scholars’ Programme. It’s extremely fun, but also intellectually stimulating.
It has the perfect balance of classes, free time, extracurriculars, and travel. The tutors are all brilliant, and the staff are so friendly and fun to be around. I benefited from the trips by becoming more culturally enriched. I saw the Rosetta Stone, Stonehenge, the Roman Baths, toured Parliament, went to a play at the West End, and so much more.

Deerfield Academy
Cambridge summer school student Quote

Judging from my friend's feedback who attended another programme, the classes here are a lot more enriching, and no other programme can compare with our trips because we just go to so many places. I've learnt a tonne from the courses and trips, and been exposed to a whole new style of living. Yes I would recommend it because the courses and the trips are a lot better than what's on offer from other summer schools. It was my first summer school, and it couldn't have been better!

Nexus International School, Malaysia

Why you will benefit more from our activities

Activities Designed To Help You Quickly Make Friends

The earlier activities are designed to quickly help you make new friends. Most students arrive not knowing anyone else, but by the end you will be sad to leave your fantastic new friends.

Have Lots Of Fun

We offer a wide range of activities to ensure that you will have an incredible time. In the afternoon you could gain experience starting a business or acting as a lawyer in court, or preparing for calculus or the SAT, while in the evening there will be sports, parties, a casino night, Graduation Ball and more!

Develop Your Confidence

Being put into new situations is daunting, but there is a friendly atmosphere and you will develop your confidence experiencing new things in a safe environment – helping to prepare you for the beginning of your college life.

Afternoon activities Evening activities Sunday activities (optional)
ACT/SAT Prep Activities to get to know people:
  • Icebreaker Party
  • Speed Meeting
  • Ballroom dancing
Free time in the morning for Church
Business: Founding and Building Companies Physical Activities:
  • Sports Day
  • Sports Tournament
  • Punting on the River Cam
  • Practice Interviews for Cambridge
Calculus Prep Parties:
  • Silent Disco Rave
  • Graduation Dinner
  • Casual sports
  • Trip to Sports Centre for swimming or gym (additional fee payable direct to the Sports Centre)
Law: Mock Criminal Trial Others:
  • College Application Workshop
  • Film night
  • Casino and Games Night
  • Photography Workshop
  • Medicine Workshop
  • Musical Theatre Workshop
Afternoon activities Evening activities Sunday activities (optional)

Cambridge summer school student Quote

Like most people I didn’t know anyone going but this was fine - everyone was so friendly and the early activities and trips ensured we quickly bonded. I have made many fantastic friends across the world that I will definitely keep in contact with in the future.

Johanneum Gymnasium Homburg, Germany
Cambridge summer school student Quote

I truly had the best summer of my life! I changed this summer: I got a lot more confident, I have grown so much through this experience and I feel a lot more mature. I’ve gained so many great new friends that I still keep in touch with and I’ll visit them all someday. I would recommend CSP to all my friends!

Liceo Artistico, Switzerland

If You Are An Intelligent High School
Student, Here's Why You Should Apply For
The Cambridge Scholars’ Programme 2024

Unrivaled Academic Enrichment

Our wide, flexible variety of courses taught by passionate professors will help to prepare you for university education.

Unrivaled Cultural Enrichment

Our extensive trips will give you a comprehensive experience of British (and optionally French) culture and history.

Unrivaled Social Enrichment

You will quickly make fantastic new friends from around the world, gain confidence, and be better prepared to start university life.