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What is the Cambridge Scholars’ Programme? What do I get out of the Cambridge Scholars’ Programme?
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Who is the typical student? What is Cambridge like?
What about health and safety? Can I apply for financial aid?
Do I need a visa? What is the accommodation like?
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What is the Cambridge Scholars’ Programme?

The Cambridge Scholars’ Programme is a summer school based in Cambridge, UK, which was founded in early 2012. We provide a variety of courses, from the arts to the sciences, and a number of trips to explore the country and learn about the history and culture of Britain. We also offer many activities in the afternoons and evenings, with the aim of having lots of fun and making new friends – while learning something new in many cases. Our students – whom we call scholars – are looked after by Mentors from some of the world's top universities, who also provide many of the activities. We hire the Mentors primarily from the University of Cambridge but also the University of Oxford and Harvard University. They are picked because they are responsible and mature, and have very impressive resumes. Each Mentor looks after around 6-10 scholars. The Senior Staff have worked over 25 summers’ worth of summer schools in Cambridge, so have plenty of experience and are able to deal with any situations that may arise.

What do I get out of the Cambridge Scholars’ Programme?

The Cambridge Scholars’ Programme is a fantastic opportunity to study in Cambridge, to broaden your horizons with a variety of cultural trips around the UK, to make lifelong friends from across the United States and indeed the world, to gain confidence and maturity, to experience college life but in a safe, secure environment, and to above all have fun.

What are the costs of attending?

The tuition fees are listed on the tuition page. This includes accommodation, teaching, trips and activities.

As students attend from all over the world and travel different distances to join us, the tuition does not include flights. The many families sending students from overseas will therefore also need to pay for flights to London Heathrow Airport. However, we meet all students arriving at Heathrow Airport on the morning of the arrival day and then return them to Heathrow at the end of the trip.

Travel insurance will also need to be arranged separately, and if necessary visas. We recommend bringing spending money of between £300-600 .

When is the deadline for applying?

Applications for 2024 are being decided on a rolling basis. You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Who is the typical student?

Many of our students are intelligent teenagers from across the United States, but we welcome applicants from all over the world provided that you are very good at speaking English. We have had students attend from over 20 different countries across North and South America, Europe and Asia. We seek students who are open to new cultures, enjoy learning and making new friends.

What is Cambridge like?

Cambridge is a beautiful, ancient city of learning centred on the University of Cambridge, Europe's best university which is over 800 years old. The ancient Cambridge colleges demonstrate a wide variety of beautiful architectural styles. It is very safe.

What about health and safety?

The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority.

The UK and Cambridge are very safe places to visit. The centre of Cambridge has extensive traffic restrictions so there are very few cars. We have multiple first aid-trained staff, first aid kits in college, at activities and on trips. In the unlikely event of more serious injury, Accident & Emergency is free in the UK even for overseas visitors.

My family cannot afford the full tuition. Can I apply for financial aid?

Due to the high costs of providing a few weeks' accommodation, hiring amazing staff and arranging great trips and activities, each place is very expensive for us to run and unfortunately we are unable to provide any financial aid.

In some cases, former students have been very fortunate and had their tuition fees paid by their school.

Do I need a visa?

US citizens do not need a visa to enter Britain , but the citizens of many countries do need a visa. You can check to see if you need a visa here:

You are responsible for getting your own visa if one is required. If necessary you can apply for a visa three months in advance, so please apply for one in April.

What is the accommodation like?

We will be living in one of the Cambridge colleges, which is manned by porters 24 hours a day. Porters ensure safety and can help with problems. Staff will be living in the college and as close as possible to their groups, to again ensure safety and help with any problems. The typical room will contain a bed, desk, desk chair, chest of drawers, wardrobe, and easy chair. Bed linen and towels will be provided.

Girls and boys are accommodated on separate staircases. Boys may not visit the girls’ staircases and vice versa.

Students will have their own single room. Bathrooms and showers will be shared between about six people.

What are your Covid policies?

We will operate according to the requirements of the British government:

For a fuller description, visit our Covid policies page.