Testimonials from Past Students

Building up to CSP I was definitely nervous about making friends on the programme and the idea of being suddenly introduced to lots of strangers was pretty daunting. However I really need not have worried at all as everyone was in the same situation and with all of the activities like speed meeting and the ice breaker games everyone settled in in no time. In fact the people I met really were some of the nicest, most amazing people and I know that I will stay in contact with them in the future! I was also worried about being away from home for three weeks, as I had never been away from my parents for such a long period of time. However again there really was nothing to worry about as once I got there and got to know everyone I didn’t once feel upset or homesick. In fact my only wish was that I could have stayed for longer! Reading previous comments about CSP from other years I thought that perhaps people were exaggerating the impact that this programme had on them in life. However after spending three weeks at CSP with the most amazing people I have realised that it really is no exaggeration to say that this programme really has changed my life. It has given me some of my most cherished memories and some of the best friends I could ask for. It really was three of the best weeks of my life.

Alice T.

I could write a short novel about what I’ve gotten out of CSP and it still wouldn’t do it justice. In short; I’ve met absolutely amazing people, seen places I’d never thought I’d see, and was helped along by an incredibly good group of people. I’ve never been to a summer program of this caliber either. However, I have to say that the number one benefit i took from this trip is that it expands one’s horizons. Whether you live in England or elsewhere in the world, the Programme encourages you to leave your shell, become involved in activities that one would never do, and simply gain confidence in who you are - none of which are easily done but CSP accomplishes them.

Sam N.

Overall, CSP has given me a ton of summertime memories filled by endless laughter, many life-long friends from all over the world, insights of the Cambridge University and the beautiful city itself, and also the confidence that I will do fine independently wherever I go. Apart from all the things I learnt in the lessons I took, CSP has also offered me much more than classroom knowledge, and I would say that the variety of enrichment activities on this programme is something that cannot be rivalled by any of the other summer schools I have participated in.

Rain L.

From this program, I have gained lifelong friends, new knowledge of psychology, new skills from Mind Games and Essay Writing, new experiences from acting in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and broadened my horizons as a person. I have gained new understanding and insight of university life and the requirements of university writing, as well as the style of university lectures. It has given me a chance to test whether or not psychology was the course for me, and allowed me to say for certain that I would like to study psychology further. The deputies were extremely welcoming and approachable, and were always caring and offered support and help whenever asked. They always were down to take people out for late night food (thanks so much for that). Although I have yet to return to my parents, after speaking to them over the phone, they were surprised by the number of good friends I have made over such a short period of time, the various places that we got to visit, and the varying evening activities. I looked most forward to the evening activities, as they always ended up to be the most fun and interesting and gave time for everyone to bond. The Scottish Dancing allowed for people to socialize outside of their friend groups and make new friends. I was surprised that I was still able to make new friends towards the end of the trip, as I had no expected to bond with anyone new in the final week. CSP has truly been the most memorable experience of my life thus far and I am so glad to have been a part of #CSP2014! I would, without a doubt, recommend CSP to all my friends because it is such an unforgettable experience. It combines just the right amount of studying, fun, and sightseeing into three weeks and is great preparation for university.

Jane L.

I got so much out of this programme. I experienced what it will be like to live away from home for an extended period of time as well as making the most amazing friends who I hope I stay in contact with forever. I also gained insight into what a university lecture might be like and really enjoyed the experience. I loved all the staff! My parents thought the Programme was amazing, seeing what a fantastic time I had whilst being there, and that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity where I made amazing friends from around the world. I haven’t been on any other summer schools or anything similar and this was completely new to me. It was an amazing experience though and it would be hard to match in the future. The only thing I could suggest to make it better would be to make the Programme longer. I would definitely recommend this Programme. It’s been a fantastic experience that everyone should get to do!

Summer W.

My parents were definitely concerned about the efficiency of me getting picked up at the airport! They were also a little concerned about if I would make a lot of friends, as I can be introverted at times! But being picked up at the airport went very smoothly; I was not stressed and there was no hassle. The quality of this programme is terrific! The teachers have great qualifications, and the college itself is an awesome place to live in. The people, however topped everything! I have made so many amazing friends, and no one on this programme was interested in being confined to one group of people, which was great because we all became really close rather quickly. All of the courses that I took were very interesting! They were definitely unique experiences in which I would not be able to find in my high school setting. My life has seriously changed from this Programme. I have made life long friends that I share so many amazing experiences with. I have been to places that I probably would of never had the chance to go to otherwise. All of the deputies were such great people, I did not look at them as figures of authority, but as older brothers and sisters, which in a way made me respect them even more. My parents could tell from the look on my face when I was telling them where I went and what I did that I really did love the programme, and that I will be pushing to try and come back next year. I have not been to any other summer programs, but if so, they are going to have very big shoes to fill! I seriously just love this programme! I am so grateful for this opportunity and I would not trade it for the world! I can try to explain it for hours, but I can just sum it up by saying that I FLIPPING LOVE THIS PROGRAMME!

Keira S.

CSP helped me develop mostly as a person. I feel much more confident now, and I feel that the networking skills I have gained will be invaluable in later life. The deps were all very knowledgeable and fun and it was nice to be able to talk to them as people who were senior, but also quite close in age. My parents have been very impressed by the amount of stuff I’ve been able to do/learn and I’ve not been on another summer school programme. I can’t choose a favourite course because the physics and drama ones were so different. However, I did find that they were both incredibly interesting, and it was nice to focus less on assessment and more on interest. I got everything and more from the courses; they were not only more fun, but also more informative than I expected. I took the Shakespeare play as an afternoon activity and I felt that it was very enlightening because not only did I learn about Shakespeare, but I also undertook a role unlike any other I’ve every played and that was a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend CSP because it really does change you as a person for the better, and I would definitely like to come back again next year if I had the opportunity. Thank you very much for the best summer of my life so far.

Charlie C.

Leaving home for the first time, I was extremely worried of being on my own, unable to fit in etc. however, once Jeremy had arranged travel plans to help me get to Cambridge safely and securely, I already felt a lot better. On arrival at the college I was kindly greeted by some deputies and other peers. It was such a friendly environment, and my fears of being on my own had almost completely gone. From the course I have learned to think differently about specific topics, controversial or not. I really engaged in all of the lessons and hope I develop in the area further. The lessons made the students much more independent and enabled us all to be mature. It was an excellent example of what university life would be like. My favourite trip had to be the first trip to London, when we went on the London Eye. Everyone had such an amazing time, and we all bonded so well that night. The dance-off’ and singing definitely made it a night to remember, and I gained so many different bonds that night. It really showed how welcoming everyone was, and even the deputies joined in! It was definitely the most memorable night. I wouldn’t change the trips in anyway, they were all so interesting. I got so much from the Cambridge Scholars’ Programme: including extra qualifications an skills, gaining my independence, being familiar to university life and most of all, spending the three most intense weeks of my life with so many different people. I found out a lot more abou myself, including what I would like to do in the future, be it my career path or what new activities I want to do. I have never been to a summer school before, and this has definitely made me want to go to many others (mainly just the Cambridge Scholars’ Programme)! I would definitely recommend this programme to my friends, it had benefited me in so many different ways, and made me a lot more mature. It has been great preparation for college/university life, added with memories and friendships that will last a life time. If i could, I would come back to this summer school every year- it is such an inspiration to come to Cambridge and be with such amazing people. It has made me much more ambitious; I would not change a thing. It has been the best three weeks of my life, I have made so many friendships, memories and experiences at this programme. I have loved gaining independence here, and I miss Cambridge very much. I wish to come back very soon, it would be amazing if I could experience it all over again! Thanks a lot Cambridge Scholars’ Programme!

Cerys N.

CSP was amazing. I think I have changed so much after this Programme because it made me much more independent and mature! It has given me more confidence and self-belief, safe in the knowledge that in a few years time when I go to university I can stay by myself and fit right in. The Programme as a whole was amazing because it gave me an insight into university life and showed how different people from different cultures are and how many similarities we had! The staff were really nice and helpful, especially being part of ′Team David’- David was amazing and so were all the others, he and the others made us feel part of a family and we could speak to them about anything. My parents were so happy that I made all these long lasting friendships and wanted to see all the photos and memories of CSP! :) They were very happy with how CSP organised everything and how helpful all the staff and everyone were. I looked forward to all the activities, classes and everything because it’s something which I hadn’t done before so it was really fun! I would definitely recommend this to my friends because the memories, the people, the trips, the courses, I’m going to remember them for the rest of my life - it has been such a amazing experience! CSP 2014 was amazing - it’s a life changing experience! I wouldn’t change any of the way CSP was organised because it was fantastic!

Tahmid A.

CSP has helped me grow in ways that I never expected it would. At first, I was beyond nervous to be traveling so far away by myself and being away from home for so long. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to make any friends and I would be the odd one out. I had always been a shy kid but CSP broke down barriers for me. I became more confident academically and socially. I can’t wait to come back to school and share everything I learned with my student body. I learned how to connect with people that come from all different backgrounds and cultures. My parents could definitely tell when I came home that this program changed me for the better. With the help of CSP I feel like I can achieve anything. Overall, I’m a bolder person and I am better prepared for what lies ahead. By week two of CSP I was already texting all my friends telling them they needed to apply for next summer. Of course it would be fun to be able to come back and experience it with my friends, but the fun of the program is allowing others to meet new people. I would love to experience it all over again for sure. I’m beyond thankful for this opportunity. I had my doubts in the beginning, but I’m so glad that I actually went through with the program. I want the whole world to hear about CSP and I want everyone to be able to experience it. I’ve never really been a part of any other summer school program, but I’m sure that none of them compare to CSP.

Andrea H.

I was worried I would be focused mostly on work and wouldn’t have time to make friends and enjoy the awesome trips. The Programme is great at balancing work and fun, and while the classes were rigorous I had ample time to make amazing friends and enjoy the great trips. I got so much out of the Programme. I met amazing people, learned a ton in very engaging classes, and got to see all of the best sites England has to offer. The staff and other people running the course were all energetic, fun, and extremely nice and helpful. There’s not a thing I would change about CSP. Without a doubt I would recommend CSP to my friends. You meet amazing people and have a great time, while benefiting from engaging classes.

Nate J.

I was worried that I would not fit in with everyone and that the other students would be too intelligent etc. My parents were not worried at all as they had trust in the programme but they were slightly apprehensive about my dietary requirements being met. My worry turned out to be a whole load of rubbish! The students I met were so amazing and we were all very similar. Furthermore, the staff made me feel so welcome and any worries or queries that I had they were happy to answer. I am very thankful to everyone. The speed meeting was my favourite activity! I benefited from the activities as it meant that I got to speak with and interact with all of the students as a group. All evening activities were great! I took part in the Shakespeare play and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I improved my memory skills and communication skills. I can not fault anything about the programme. I am a more rounded individual with a fantastic group of new friends both students and deputies alike. I would 100% recommend the programme to others! It is from the bottom of my heart that I thank the director, deputy directors, staff at Gonville and Cauis College and the students for giving me the opportunity to have the best time of my life because without their time, dedication and support the trip would not have been as great as it was and to them I am eternally grateful. I hope to see them all again one day.

Monique de C.

I was worried that everyone would be really scary, but that definitely wasn’t the case. I was also worried about having to organise myself, with trips and meals but again that seemed irrelevant once I got there. The evening activities helped as to grow closer as a group as we were sharing and experience rather than having to sit awkwardly, forcing conversation. CSP has hands down been the best experience of my life, and I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of it. It has taught me to be independent and self-efficient and has given me a real taste of what a university life at Cambridge will be like. I have benefitted in the sense that I have been taught lessons not only in the classes but in friendship, teamwork and spirit, and I have been introduced to the most amazing, intelligent people who I will remain friends with for life. My parents thought I came back a more confident person who had made some great friends. I would recommend CSP to EVERYONE, if you are having any doubts about apply, forget them. As cheesey as it sounds it has genuinely changed my life and will be something I will keep with me forever.

Grace M.

My parents were concerned if i would enjoy the course or find it beyond my level of interests. Also if I would make new friends and would be able to cope with staying by myself for three weeks. Now however I think that CSP has been the best experience of my life and I would love to go back to do it all over again. I met so many amazing people from diverse backgrounds and i now realise what university is going to be like. This program allowed me to weigh out my options for what i want to study when i go to university. My parents were really happy with the outcome of the program, they said that i’ve become more independent and diplomatic. I haven’t been to any other summer schools, therefore I have nothing to compare CSP to, but I can say that no other summer school can beat the experience I’ve had at CSP. I enjoyed the activities the most because we got to chill with our friends and hang out, talk, get to know each other better. I found it really hard to leave CSP and leave all these people that I might not see again for a very long time. I know that we will keep in touch through social media, but it won’t be the same without them. Each and everyone has been a massive part of the three weeks at CSP. I would definitely recommend CSP to anyone whose looking to apply for summer school. I would love to come back next year, and the year after, I don’t think any experience would beat the one I’ve had at CSP. Thank you so much to everyone whose made this trip absolutely amazing. I hope we can keep in touch and i wouldn’t trade this experience for anything <3

Renessa T.

I think I found the fear of being away for 3 weeks was the worst, I thought it was a long time on my own, especially if I didn’t make many friends, but everyone was so amazing and we were all so close that it didn’t matter, I had a new family and unfortunately the 3 weeks weren’t enough! I think by far my favourite trip was the first London trip on the Sunday, the London Eye was spectacular and it was nice to go off on our own to the museums as friends, however I found pretty much every trip equally enjoyable and fun! The friends I have made on CSP have been the best ever!!! They will be lifelong for sure and leaving everyone was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, leaving pretty much all of us an emotional wreck… The experience of seeing life as a uni student was absolutely amazing and one that I am so happy to have been apart of, and I know it has really prepared me for my future education, which I am so grateful for! I was looking forward to the classes so much, however after the 3 weeks, I have found the whole programme strong in each area of things it has to offer and I feel that there is so little to improve, as anyone who was to go on the same trip I did, I know they would have loved every second of it. The only problem I had was the noise outside the window of my room when trying to sleep because we were so close to the centre, but to be honest, if that’s the only negative I can think of then it goes to show how much this programme is worth it!!! I definitely would recommend CSP! I already have and I expect my friends to sign up now!! It was such an amazing experience that I don’t think you could get anywhere else. I mean, you are going to Cambridge for 3 weeks! Cambridge University!!! How could you not want to go!! I would absolutely love to come back next year, to experience this whole trip again would be the best thing to ever happen, even though I know it would leave me an emotional wreck again! I really can’t think of what I would do to change it again… I loved this programme so much, the friends, experience and memories will stay with me forever and I couldn’t have asked for a better time of my life. Thank you so much Jeremy and all the deputies and teachers involved, it was absolutely amazing and I would say yes to doing it again in a heartbeat! Thank you, I love you all!!

Luke B.,

I was concerned about being away from home for this length of time, but there was so much support from the staff and other scholars that this was never an issue. I was involved in the Shakespeare Play which was great as although we only had a short period of time to prepare it in, Nina organised it so professionally that it worked really well and we all had such a great time. The best think about CSP was sharing everything with a group of such amazing people from all over the world. The staff were all lovely and felt more like friends than supervisors. My whole family was so happy for me, and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I would recommend it to friends as it was a once in a lifetime experience. I would come back as I had such a great time. Thank you so much for such an unforgettable experience.

Beth K.